WAVY Acoustic – create a new architecture of interiorwalls and ceilings

WAVY Acoustic – create a new architecture of interior 

walls and ceilings 

PLY PROJECT - flexible and wavy


The sandwich panel WAVY Acoustic consists of two veneered wood materials and a highly acoustically effective foam. The elastic panel structure creates an organic, natural and tactile surface with a strong acoustic performance. The curvature allows the material to absorb far more sound than other acoustic absorbers. In the production of the WAVY acoustic panels, the black foam can be combined with the following outer layers: 3 veneer surfaces in oak, maple and walnut clear lacquered or with lacquer surface in RAL and NCS colors on poplar veneer. 


> Format vertical: 900 x 2400 mm 

> Format horizontal: 900 x 1800 mm 

> Material thickness: 20 mm 

> 3 veneer surfaces: oak, maple, walnut satined lacquer 

> 1 lacquer surface: varnish in RAL and NCS colors on poplar veneer 

> Foam color: black 




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