Wooden Acoustic Panels

Are you looking for wooden acoustic panels that not only improve room acoustics but look beautiful at the same time? Do you want sound absorbers or sound diffusers? Most acoustic elements don’t work as a single surface entity. Their effectiveness really depends on a volume of airspace behind the panels. With a flexible wood structure, wooden acoustic panels work as both sound absorbers and sound diffusers. Our acoustical panels exploit airspace in acoustic foam to reduce reverberation, resulting in a product that’s both functional and beautiful.

Sound Absorbers & Sound Diffusers

Wooden acoustic panels resonate at two frequencies. They create a sound absorber effect when there’s an interaction between sound traveling through the openings of the plywood and acoustic foam. Alternatively, when the incoming sound reflects off the curved, harder plywood surface, they create a sound diffuser effect. Our acoustical panels allow a single piece of bendable wood to create an appropriate balance of sound absorbers and sound diffusers at the same time.

Acoustical Panels with Bendable Wood

Acoustical panels are acoustically resonant composite paneling with a hard reflecting plywood surface. They comprise a laminated sandwich of plywood and acoustic foam, machine-slit alternately in plane and in section. Each incision not only transforms the stiff panel into bendable wood; it also creates openings for sound energy to travel through and interact with the acoustic foam. The hard-surfaced yet bendable wood thus becomes an acoustic element.

Wooden Panels as Acoustic Elements

Wood is an environmentally sustainable material that is often used in acoustical panels to reflect a “singing tone” and promote perfect acoustics. Although wood itself has no magical acoustical powers, wooden panels are often used in designing music rooms, because its association with the violin family creates visual and acoustical warmth and supplements a musician’s creativity. The warm color and texture of wooden panels brings you the sound and vision of interior architecture.